• Interactive Content is the New ‘Content’

    Andy Chesnut · October 19, 2015

    In this webinar, Boombox teams up with the folks at Rapt Media to discuss the world rattling trends of interactive content on the web.

    The perfect brewing storm of technology and millennials is here, and we covered amazing statistics like:

    • Millennials are now up to 30% of the total population, with a projected buying power of over $1 trillion for the next 5 years
    • 86% of consumers want to be able to control the topics they see on news sites
    • Interactive content surpasses static, passive content in driving conversions and share-ability by over 2x
    • Interactive content, whether video, quizzes or polls, is becoming less and less cost prohibitive, and the ROI can stretch far beyond 1000% when successful

    Check out the full webinar below, or check out the slides just below the video…. Read more

  • New Quiz Features: Answer Weighting and Tracking Parameters

    Trent McFadyen · October 8, 2015

    Don’t Send a Vegetarian to a Steakhouse

    As summer comes to a close we have been hard at work cranking out some incredible stuff. Let us introduce you to our newest quiz features…. Read more

  • Stop Ignoring and Start Interacting

    Coy Whittier · September 25, 2015

    Some might call it a Catch 22. You need data to expand your audience, but you need a large audience to generate data.

    We sat down with Sachin Kamdar from Parse.ly to learn how to use interactive content to gather data and audience insights. It was a powerhouse whirlwind of knowledge, and you better believe we’ll be diving deeper into several segments of this in coming blog posts.

    Header image by Derrick Tyson: CC 2.0

  • How Do the World’s Top Publishers Measure Engagement?

    Coy Whittier · September 19, 2015

    Fill in the blank – In order to improve my content’s performance, my primary objective is:

    1. Improve conversion rates
    2. Drive more traffic
    3. Present better calls to action
    4. Something else
    5. All of the above

    Good for you – you’ve identified what’s holding you back. Now, regardless of which you chose, the first two things you need to know are (1) who you’re speaking to, and (2) how to develop a relationship with them…. Read more

  • 4 Reasons Nobody Likes Your Facebook Quiz

    Coy Whittier · September 17, 2015

    This post is not for the quiz novices. If you are new to quiz-making, don’t start here. This is for quiz creators that are frustrated with results that they know could be better…. Read more